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'Healing in Pieces' In-Haus Collection [Winter '22]

To: My Past Self 

I wanted to write to you today to tell you that you are still part of me and I’m not ashamed of you. I know that when I first started this healing journey I thought that I had to deny you, be ashamed, and feel guilt around some of your actions. I pushed you deep into the crevices of my being. I left you alone in the darkness because I thought that if I admitted that you still were in me I wouldn’t be worthy of the light. I want to say I’m deeply sorry, that’s not what you deserved. You deserve to be loved, nurtured, celebrated and cared for. You’re so immensely valuable! You are the one that has taught me everything I know. You were the one that endured the hurt, the pain, the abuse, the suicidal thoughts, the anxiety, the unworthiness and everything in between. Life beat you bloody at times but you got up, you always found the will to get up. You also fucked up, you did things you weren’t proud of, you said things you shouldn’t have said, you built a steel cage around your heart because of being hurt again. But look what you’ve turned me into? Look how you’ve opened my heart. Look at the depths to which I now know us? I would not be where or who I am today without you. I’m proud of you and I’ll never shun you again. Thank you! Now, let’s continue this healing journey together. 


Your dearest friend,




 Healing in Pieces Winter 22 Cover image

Healing in Pieces Winter 22 Cover image 2


Healing in Pieces Letter to my Past Self

Healing in Pieces

Healing in Pieces Winter 22 Longsleeve

Healing formula

Healing in Pieces journey


Healing in Pieces Winter 22 Back cover image

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